• Plan ahead!

Have a pre-launch strategy The pre-launch is just like a movie trailer. You’re letting people know that you have something exciting coming. Don’t finish creating the course before you start talking about it to your audience. Growing your audience and making sales shouldn’t be mutually exclusive events. Instead, use a course launch to capture attention, grow your audience, and make more sales.

The key to doing so successfully lies in being able to quickly turn strangers into excited customers.

  • Map out your marketing and sales strategies. Creating a course is not hard; the work is in selling it. Come up with the marketing strategies you will be adopting to sell your course. It can be content marketing, influencer marketing, ads, or affiliate marketing.
  • Do some free webinars or training. That will help you establish your credibility with your audience and also gather some testimonials you can use for your landing page to further convince your prospective buyers of your expertise and capability.
  • Take my online course on how you can create a profitable online course, OCG (Online Course Goldmine). In this course, you will learn step-by-step how to navigate your first online course with just your smartphone. Even if you can’t figure out a course idea yet, it will help you come up with profitable ideas and how to create, market, and sell your online course.


  1. A profitable course idea
  2. A smartphone and/or PC
  3. Others (they can be outsourced)
  4. Simple graphics-design skills.
  5. Simple video editing skills
  6. Copywriting skills for a landing page
  7. Others (Optional)
  8. Ring light
  9. Befitting workspace
  10. White Board and Marker
  11. Passion and commitment
  • Just before you crucify yourself, read this!

    I was watching a video a few days ago where an A-list coach said she made 5 figures (USD) from her coaching business in 2022. Immediately a thought came, “Adeola, how much did you make from your business this year?” not close to 5-figure USD in any way.

    I had to pause to take a deep breath because I was already feeling bad and condemning myself because I didn’t make as much money as her and definitely wasn’t doing well. While I was still pondering this 5-figure stuff, a question came knocking: “Do you have the same time she has to run her business?” I work full-time as an employee, and my business is just part-time stuff that I only attend to out of the little time left after I am done with my 9-to-5.

    The fact that I have even done this much with my little time shows that I’m doing well with the “little figure” I have been able to make.

    Before you conclude someone is doing better than you, before you start feeling bad when you see people recounting their accomplishments in 2022, ask yourself these questions:

    Do I have the same time they have?

    Do I have the same access, influence, resources, and opportunities?

    Are we pursuing the same goal(s)?

    Did we start at the same time?

    Add your other sincere questions in the comments.

    When you finish answering these questions, you will realize you have just been unfair to yourself by beating yourself up.

    Say after me, ‘I am doing well; I have done well in 2022, and I will do better in 2023.”
    I am sending you my best wishes for 2023. May it be a better and great year for you.

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