How many times have you come across this cliché on social media: “consistency”?

Several times, I believe!

Be consistent! Keep being consistent! Just make sure you are consistent!

Consistency is great, no doubt, as it has worked and is still working for me greatly in building my personal brand.

However, consistency only applies when you are doing the right thing in a steady manner. Consistently doing the wrong thing will bring no results.

“Only a fool keeps doing the same thing the same way over and over and expects different results.”

If you are doing something the same way and you are not getting the expected result, then it is time to move on, change strategies, and check something else.

Doing something over and over again is not what gives a result; doing the right thing over and over again is what gives results.

Learn new strategies; try something else. You cannot consistently do the wrong thing and expect great results.

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