This is the difference between FOLLOW and CONNECT on LinkedIn:

FOLLOW- When you follow someone, you are the one connected to them; they aren’t connected to you. You will see their posts, but they won’t see yours except if one of their connections engages with yours.

Connecting with someone means seeing each other’s posts.

PS: When you click the CONNECT button, you start following automatically.

So the CONNECT button performs two functions: it connects and it follows. You will see that once you click the CONNECT button, it changes to “following” immediately, whether the person has accepted your connection request or not. Once you click that button, you are automatically following them (you can try it later to see).

So, should you follow or connect?
I think connecting is better for mutual benefits, especially if you are also a person of value.

Some people display the FOLLOW button on their profile instead of the CONNECT button. To get the CONNECT button and connect with them, click the 3 dots on their profile, and you will see the CONNECT option.

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Do you prefer people follow you or connect with you?

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