Does your name ring a bell when your industry is mentioned? Are you a Thought Leader?

A “thought leader” is a notable expert in a specific company, industry, or society who offers guidance and insight to those around them based on their expertise and perspective in that industry. They offer unique guidance, inspire innovation, and influence others.

How to establish yourself as a thought leader

1. Identify your area of expertise or niche and stick to it.
2. Create a POV (point of view) on important topics in your industry.
3. Keep your audience updated on the latest news and developments in the industry.
4. Keep learning about your industry.
5. Educate others.
6. Develop original research.
7. Use a variety of channels to create a strong presence across platforms.

“Thought leadership” is an extension of your personal brand, specifically your ability to build an authentic online reputation and social media presence.

How to build your industry presence:

• Work with mentors and influencers. Talk to them or observe how they started and now operate. You can read and reflect on what they say on their blogs, social media platforms, and during their speaking engagements.

• Define your audience and your message to them. The more specific you are in identifying your audience, the better your chance of reaching and engaging that audience with your thought leadership.

• Attend networking events in person. Seek out speaking opportunities. The larger your network, the greater your chances of becoming an authority or influencer.

• Get published as often as you can. You can start by writing content for your social media pages to develop a steady stream of regular readers and followers. You can then seek publication in larger, more authoritative outlets, such as print or broadcast media.

• Consider writing a book. Nothing establishes you as a leader in your space quite like being the person who wrote the book on your topic. If you have big ideas to share, a book is one of the best ways to create visibility and differentiation for you and your brand.

What 3 things come to mind when people talk about you or mention your name?

For me, it’s:
Public speaking (TEDx)
~Personal Development

Because I have lived it consistently and embodied it.

You need to start positioning yourself as a Thought Leader in your industry. You need to rent a space in people’s heads with your brand signature.

This is how you create a strong and credible personal brand.

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