Sometimes, when I see my engagements and activities from 2–5 years ago, I wonder if I’m the one who did those things. Sometimes I laugh at myself, and sometimes I am angry at myself. Adeola, how could you?

But I am afraid that in the next 2–5 years, this same thing will happen. It’s called growth!

In years to come, there are things you do or are doing now that you won’t do again.

There are things you say now that you won’t say again.

There are things you celebrate now that won’t be a big deal to you by then.

There are behaviors, attitudes, and characters that you will exhibit now that will make you wonder if you were the same person before.

It’s called GROWTH!

When that time comes, don’t be angry with your younger self because you did the best you could base on what you knew.

You wished you knew better, but you didn’t, and that’s ok! You would also act now based on what you know now!

That is why you need to seek knowledge by all means, because that is the only thing that can make you grow. When you know better, you will do better.

From December 30, 2022, to January 30, 2023, I will take a one-month break from social media to gain knowledge. (Spiritual, business, and career knowledge.) I will be reading books, reading the Scriptures, watching videos, and praying. You can call it a growth retreat.

My December will be used to deliver my lined-up training, set personal goals, enjoy the festivities, and put structure in place for my coaching business.

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