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15 years ago, it was my 21st birthday. I told my friend that I would love to have fried rice for my birthday party but I don’t know how to cook it.

She knows how to cook it and promised to come over to help. She gave me a list of things to buy.

A day before, she came to my house with the hope that she came to sleep over but I was wrong. She gave me my birthday gift & asked if I had bought all the fried rice ingredients which I said “yes”.

She started explaining how to cook it to me (thank God I was paying little attention)

On D-day everything was ready but my friend did not show up. My guests were already arriving and my Mum was becoming angry. We asked people around if anyone could help but nobody knows how to cook fried rice.

I guess she knew she won’t be coming that was why she came a day before. I summoned the courage to follow the little explanation she gave to me the day before & started the cooking myself, it came out fine & my birthday was “Rossy”

That was how I knew how to cook fried rice & it later became my Mum’s favourite food.

💥Some disappointments are blessing in disguise, see it as one, leverage it 💯💯

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