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I am an extrovert who finds it really hard to make new friends and meet new people. Even I don’t understand how that is! I guess the choleric side of my personality is stronger than the sanguine.

I am improving pretty well now, though, since I have decided to be intentional about it because I just need to meet new people, and people need to meet me, so I had to find a way around it.

We are at that time of the year when there are so many offline events and activities, and that is a good opportunity for you to explore life outside social media and stop hiding behind your keypads. Make an effort to meet people in person; there is more to life than being online, on the internet, or on social media.

However, just attending events is not enough; you need to be strategic about it and know what results you want from them.

1. To expand your network.
2. Connect with your online pals, friends, influencers, and role models in “real life.”
3. Personal development
4. Business opportunities
5. Have fun and unwind.

These tips below will be helpful to achieve your results:

1. Go prepared with a clear goal in mind.
2. Arrive at the event early.
3. Dress well.
4. Prepare to initiate conversations.
5. Beware of your body language.
6. Wear a smile.
7. Be authentic.
8. Ask questions.
9. Pay attention.
10. Walk around smartly and confidently.

You can get the rest of the tips and more details in my 17-page eBook, “Offline Connect.” I am sure you will find it helpful.

The eBook is free, and you will finish it within 30 minutes. See the link in the comment section to download it.

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