My children competed in inter-house sports at school last week; they are from the red, yellow, and blue houses, respectively. So, I decided to rep green since green is my favorite colour. I fell in love with it when I was in primary school because I used to work in a greenhouse.

So, I told them that the person whose house won would get $1,000 for ice cream. I was praying that my greenhouse would win so that my money could stay with me.

My second child eventually got the $1,000 because her house (yellow) won.

Did she put in any hard work to get the money? NO! She did not even participate in any of the sporting activities.

Is she better than her siblings at winning money? Of course not.

What now makes the difference?


This is exactly what happens sometimes in life. Some people were born and grew up with certain PRIVILEGES that put them ahead of us. Things like family background, influential parents, environmental factors, and access to certain things in life

Dear Somebody,

When you compare yourself to others, you frequently overlook the advantages they have that you do not.

Most times, it’s not that you are not doing well; it’s just that some PRIVILEGES that are available to your counterparts are not available to you. Is it your fault? Most times, it’s even out of your control, and it’s not your fault at all.

Life can be very unfair sometimes, you know.

Does that mean you cannot succeed in life just like them? You can, but you will have to work twice as hard as them if you want to meet or surpass them. Stop the unmatchable comparisons and stop beating yourself up over certain things.

Dear Somebody,

The fact that you are doing better than someone else doesn’t mean they aren’t making efforts, being hardworking, or being diligent; sometimes it’s just the PRIVILEGES you have that they don’t that put you ahead of them.

Never spite or shame anyone because things are going well for you. Most times, it’s not because they are lazy; it’s just because you have a better advantage.

Dear somebody,
May life be fair to you, may life be kind to you, may nature be pleasant to you, and may the universe align with your dreams. Amen
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