SHOUT OUT TO US by Omobabinrin


A few days before the news of Chadwick Boseman’s death hit the internet in August 2020, I was talking to myself. Before then, I never believed it was possible for someone to be going through pain and still appear happy to the world until I had to walk that path.

How can one be battling with pain (physical or emotional) and still show up and appear happy?

2020 taught me a lot of lessons, not just about the coronavirus pandemic; it came loaded with so many unpleasant surprises.

I kept asking myself how on earth I got all the energy to pull through despite all I was dealing with in my closet.

Chadwick Boseman battled colon cancer, yet he kept showing up consistently to pursue his passion, to leave a legacy, and to inspire instead of hyping his problem to attract a pity party. He decided to remain focused on his dreams, and today he is a celebrated world hero, even in death.

Shout out to everyone going through pain but who has refused to give up.

SHOUT OUT to everyone who has a million reasons not to pursue their dreams but keeps showing up because they understand the power of purpose, impact, and legacy.

Shout out to those who cry secretly but appear strong and happy just because they understand so many destinies are tied to them and will be discouraged if they give up.

Keep showing up!

You are the real deal!
You are our heroes!
We celebrate you all!

To everyone going through pain, may you receive divine healing. May God turn your pains into gains.

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